CARiD Has Introduced Seven ID Stores for True Road, Water, and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Riding an ATV or going camping, motorcycling or boating - whatever your hobby may be, you have a collection of new online destinations to visit.

Die-hard road, water, and outdoor enthusiasts now have a brand-new network of online stores to fuel their passion. Lately,, a well-established online retailer of automotive parts and accessories, has launched seven stores for everyone sharing a true interest that goes beyond cars and involves various outdoor activities. The ultimate destination for every water enthusiast, offering tons of accessories, tools, and safety equipment to hit the water. Traveling and exploring has never been that comfortable. The proper equipment and accessories can really make your life easier when you're camping. Riders will be pleased to find a vast assortment of replacement and custom parts and accessories for their beloved motorcycles and gear for themselves in this store. Love exploring some of the wildest places? Definitely, this is your destination: here you can find parts and accessories for ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, and watercraft. The right equipment for your fishing, hunting, biking, or hiking adventures. A huge selection of tools for even the most demanding DIYers and professional technicians. The latest and greatest of semi-trucks accessories, replacement parts, and custom solutions. is not just another automotive parts supplier out there. When it comes to cars, wheels, and engines, their employees are as passionate and enthusiastic as their customers, so end users can be sure they get the carefully handpicked products of premium quality. That very dedication is the basis for launching the seven ID stores. The new retailers are ready and willing to provide customers with everything they need to enjoy their activities to the fullest, while also gaining the benefits that the new markets offer.

The statistics that show the number of people participating in recreational activities are impressive, with almost 90 million Americans involved in fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, enjoying camping and boating, or riding a motorcycle, thus forming an increasing demand for quality products.

About CARiD Located in Cranbury, NJ, is the reference point for vehicle enthusiasts worldwide. Besides offering quality aftermarket products for those who love everything automotive, prides itself on providing unrivaled customer service, using proprietary technologies, and having a dedicated, well-trained staff.

Honda Unveils 2018 CRF50 Dirt Bike for Kids: Details

Honda has recently unveiled their updated version of the dirt bike for kids, the 2018 CRF50. The bike features Honda 4-stroke engine, mated with an advanced automatic clutch. This means, that there is no need for the clutch-shifting machine anymore, as there is a bike that can teach do that in reality. It is important, that the automatic shifter teaches to shift gears, yet will not stall when something goes wrong, which will help to eliminate the unneeded stress from the process.

Honda has been offering quality solutions for the drivers, who are just entering the motor sport, and keeps leading positions in this segment up to these days. As reported by HondaProKevin, these are the main characteristics of the CRF50.

So, here is the list of updated specs of the 2018 Honda CRF50:

  • Steel frame;
  • Telescopic fork;
  • 10-inch diameter wheels;
  • Off-road tires;
  • Drum brakes (front/rear);
  • CARB-compliant operation;
  • Adjustable throttle limiter.
1 Engine / Drivetrain Dependable 49cc SOHC four-stroke engine
2 Compression ratio 10.0:1
3 Carburetor 13mm
4 Transmission Three-speed
5 Clutch Automatic
6 Chain Durable #420
7 Muffler/spark arrester USDA-qualified
8 Crankcase ventilation Closed system